Will there ever be better days?

The answer is yes there will, there always will be better days!

I think all of us have been in a period where we feel like life isn’t exciting, interesting, or is stagnant, depressing, and we feel almost stuck, where the days we live are what we expect the rest of our lives to look like. But I am here to tell you from pure experience, better days are coming!

I am not going to go into great detail about my past life, but the past couple of years a lot of discouraging, heartbreaking occurrences happened and I almost felt stuck after because I was different from others even more so after those experiences, and I never thought I could live my life “normally”,ย  and be unstuck where I can create new experiences with people I never thought I could connect with.

BUT yet I did! I recently spoke at my university because the tutoring center nominated me to be a guest speaker to talk about my experiences at college. In one part of my speech I say

“So when it was time to move to Arizona, I wasnโ€™t sure if I could handle another dramatic change, yet it was one of the best decisions I ever made”

This is where my better days started.

This does not mean your better days are when you go to college, or move out of your hometown;

its when you decide to get help, take chances, connect with people, look beyond your past life, and just smile all the time is when you will truly find yourself living the better days.

It isn’t necessarily college that is making me live better days, I mean yes it is, but it is who I am as a person, recognizing that I am not defined by the heartbreaking things that have happened to me that has allowed me to understand that I can live my life the way I want it, and college is just the resource I am using to take chances, connect with people, and explore different identities of mine like my professional self, leader self, creative self, etc.

I am truly able to be me, find my passion, and find friends at college! At first it was hard because you can’t find your best friend the very second you move to a new place or your passion right away but, if you continuously try and reach out to gain opportunities to find passion, and friends, I guarantee you will find it.

Also, I know that there will be a period where I might feel like I lost my passion or friends but life keeps changing, that’s what life is! ๐Ÿ™‚

Freshmen year of college, I knew I wanted to be in business and impact people’s lives by promoting a product or communicating ideas online, but did not know how I was going to do that, and I wanted to be able to connect with people and have them fully connect with me. There were times where the two friends I first made right when I came to college, would go home or leave town and I would just feel stuck in my residence hall, not knowing how I was going to create the experiences I wanted. When I recognized this I joined clubs, volunteered, and left my room to study and was able to meet people and find passion by getting inspiration from others. This had led to where I am today, living the better days that I never thought I would live.

If you’re not in college, change up your daily routine, leave your “bubble” and bump into random people, you will find your passion, true friends, and live your better days!

This post was not only inspired by my experience, but the struggles others around me have been facing, and by the song I recently found on my Discover Weekly Playlist on Spotify calledย Better Days, by Hedly. So I hope this gave you all hope!

Some lyrics from the song I will end with~

I don’t wanna waste a minute
But if I gotta waste a minute
I’d spend the time tryna’ get my vibe on track
And if I’m on a star, don’t wanna spin it
My life’s up in flames, and I lit it
I wonder if I’ll ever get that good s*** back
And I’ll keep praying I make it
Like someone worth saving
I still got some fight left inside me’

I’ve been down, I’ve been down
Burning up like fever
Better days, better days
Are not so far away
I’ve been lost, I’ve been found
Now I believe in
Better days, better days
Are not so far away

That’s all for inspirational Sunday!

Logging out, Helen ๐Ÿ™‚



life as an iPhone

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

With the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X being dated to release very soon, I thought of talking about the life that your iPhone goes through. Seriously, have you ever thought about the life your phone lives day to day being right besides you 24/7? You might be thinking, “well my phone lives the same life as me because it is with me literally all the time?”

No, I mean yes your phone “lives the same life as you” but in a different perspective so lets evaluate those perspectives shall we ๐Ÿ˜‰


Iphones sliding Open.gif


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the reason why certain people enter our lives

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

So we are born into this world, no intellectual knowingness to why we were choosen to be alive.

We meet people and watch them come and go

Some stay for a while, some just pass us by.

But why do certain people walk our path at certain parts in our lives?

When they leave, what if we didn’t learn anything or acknowledged the understand why they were in our lives?

Maybe it will take us days, weeks, months, years, or after death to understand why someone walked our path.

Maybe they didn’t enter our lives for us to learn anything or gain something but for them to learn, gain, or believe in something, anything.

Maybe there was no real reason at all!?


People are the best thing that can happen to anyone

~A quote from Midici’s Pizza Building in Sherman Oaks.~

People are the Best Thing that can Happen to Anyone

People are brought in to our lives to make us happy, smile at one point, even if it was just for a split second.

Recently, a dear friend of mine has been brought back into my life in a way where their presence is near but their physical presence is not.

It was because of a very close friend of her’s, who is also very dear to me, crossed my path once again too!

Lets talk about fate and how this happened,

So my brother and I went to a grocery store that is next to the offices where my Relay for Life meetings were held last year. We made a wrong turn out of the grocery store and into those offices. I thought I would give my brother a detour of the building since we were in the area.

There was my dear friend John, unrecognizable for a second but once my car came up next to his bike I knew we were meant to cross paths again.

He told me about our dear friend who’s no longer with us.

It was fate, you could say, that one simple mistake brought these two people back together.

But my dear friend who is no longer here,

She brought a smile on my face and helped make the world a better place!

We learned from our lives and somehow, collided them together, a year ago and now.

Being back home from college, I have touched base with everyone who has been in my life before college, now including my dear friends whom I worked alongside to help people impacted by cancer not feel alone.

Everyone in our life who crosses our path has some sort of meaning, whether our brains can compensate that meaning into words or as actions we spread.

People might enter our lives for no particular reason or “teaching”, but there are soooo many people in the world, not all have a lesson to teach us.

We may not understand why good or bad people enter our lives but at one point, that person made us smile, and that is the reason why each person enters our lives.


Logging out, Helen โค