Hello human beings of the Internet world!

So we are born into this world, no intellectual knowingness to why we were choosen to be alive.

We meet people and watch them come and go

Some stay for a while, some just pass us by.

But why do certain people walk our path at certain parts in our lives?

When they leave, what if we didn’t learn anything or acknowledged the understand why they were in our lives?

Maybe it will take us days, weeks, months, years, or after death to understand why someone walked our path.

Maybe they didn’t enter our lives for us to learn anything or gain something but for them to learn, gain, or believe in something, anything.

Maybe there was no real reason at all!?


People are the best thing that can happen to anyone

~A quote from Midici’s Pizza Building in Sherman Oaks.~

People are the Best Thing that can Happen to Anyone

People are brought in to our lives to make us happy, smile at one point, even if it was just for a split second.

Recently, a dear friend of mine has been brought back into my life in a way where their presence is near but their physical presence is not.

It was because of a very close friend of her’s, who is also very dear to me, crossed my path once again too!

Lets talk about fate and how this happened,

So my brother and I went to a grocery store that is next to the offices where my Relay for Life meetings were held last year. We made a wrong turn out of the grocery store and into those offices. I thought I would give my brother a detour of the building since we were in the area.

There was my dear friend John, unrecognizable for a second but once my car came up next to his bike I knew we were meant to cross paths again.

He told me about our dear friend who’s no longer with us.

It was fate, you could say, that one simple mistake brought these two people back together.

But my dear friend who is no longer here,

She brought a smile on my face and helped make the world a better place!

We learned from our lives and somehow, collided them together, a year ago and now.

Being back home from college, I have touched base with everyone who has been in my life before college, now including my dear friends whom I worked alongside to help people impacted by cancer not feel alone.

Everyone in our life who crosses our path has some sort of meaning, whether our brains can compensate that meaning into words or as actions we spread.

People might enter our lives for no particular reason or “teaching”, but there are soooo many people in the world, not all have a lesson to teach us.

We may not understand why good or bad people enter our lives but at one point, that person made us smile, and that is the reason why each person enters our lives.


Logging out, Helen ❤


the reason why certain people enter our lives

the truth behind the beauty pageant controversy👑

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

As generations have come and gone, we change our understandings of topics presented with certain periods to how they are now. However, there seems to be two understandings to the concept of beauty pageant competitions, when there should be ONE main understanding, with some forms of middle ground.

ONE belief is the notion that beauty pageant competitions only phrase women for their physical, sexual appearance and performance, which resonated with older generations who grew up long ago.

The OTHER notion, is that beauty pageant competitions provide all genders a way to learn about themselves and find their identity which can be brought out in the “real world”.

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