I am happy, even without you

As long as I could remember, you have always told me to embrace life,

so that is what I have been doing

before and after you left.

I thought I wouldn’t be happy again without you

but I am and I think you would be proud of that.

I’ve gone to college, gotten recognition for my achievements, made memories with friends…

and I feel like I don’t deserve it sometimes but

you told me to follow my heart and intuition because somehow they already know what I truly want to become

~as quoted by Steve Jobs~

and these are the results, and I couldn’t be more proud of how you impacted my life and how I am turning out to be.

I am happy, even without you.

But something inside me says I wonder what you would tell me?

People say you would be proud or you are proud but how do they really know?

I know you are but it would be nice to hear it from you.

Oh how I miss you and feel that others around me don’t understand me the way you do but, don’t think that I am any less happy than when you were around because

I am happy, even without you.

The memories you gave me, your inspirational acts, and the life you live through the stories and character features of your loved ones will always be alive.

I am becoming the person I have always dreamed of being, and have been the happiest I have ever been!

Oh how I miss you and wish to share these notions with you but,  I know you know 🙂

I am happy, even without you 🙂

Hello human beings of the Internet world. Absorb this as you please, but one message I want to get across from this is: don’t be mad at yourself for being happy even if loved ones cannot share it with you. Live your life in your happiest form and loved ones will be right beside you.

Logging out, Helen ❤


happy international women’s day~you go girl

Hello human beings of the Internet world!

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤ 😀

A couple of days ago I got a message on my Twitter from a friend saying she liked my blog posts and that my posts represent a future that is female! Shout-out to you, if you are reading this! Thank you for messaging me that!

ANYWAYS it got me thinking that yes the future is female but that does not mean men take a step back, women are just taking a step forward.

Today is a day where we recognize women for their strength to be who they want to be whether that fits into the “standards” women are entitled to.

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“the normal life”

Hello human beings of the Internet world.

Have you ever felt that you were depicted as different than others that surrounded you?

Maybe it was because of your physical features, personality features, etc. Sometimes we all wish of the “normal life” that we see all the Instagram famous people post.

Everything is not what it seems… *sings the theme song from Wizards of Waverly Place* 😀

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to fellow feminists, we all can do it!

Hello human beings of the Internet world.

These past couple of months the topic of feminism has been brought to my attention more than ever before. I mean with the Women’s March that happened a few days ago, Donald Trump being America’s new President and researching feminism topics for my English essay, I can see how feminism has caught my eye; buuuuut one incident in particular happened alongside these incidences that have really made me think about the meaning of feminism.

This occurrence that happened to me and my friends was about two weeks ago. This event  was something that I actually wasn’t going to mention on my blog but I think everyone should be aware of an event like this ever happening to them.

Also my friends and I saw puppies right before this experience and we literally told ourselves that nothing would ruin our day because of these dogs…well we jinxed ourselves 🙂 I mean look how cute!

Besides the point….

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